August 20

How To Beat A Nasty Cold This Winter

Anyone who is self-aware realises these symptoms when they rear their ugly heads, but instead of just grabbing a tissue box, there are ways to help alleviate the nasty.

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August 2

How to finally get a good night’s sleep

You've tried meditation, and you turned off your phone an hour earlier, but it still isn't helping. What you need is a nighttime routine that helps release.

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July 29

How To Get Glowing Skin in Winter

Winter induced dry skin can lead to cracking or even bleeding and indoor heat further draws moisture out the air, as do hot showers or baths. The good news is that.

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May 13

Time for a Tea Change

There is no denying, it's a busy world we have created, we are bombarded with advertising for junk foods, alcohol and other things we wouldn't dream of putting in our.

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woman standing overlooking a field of tea November 8

How to improve your health up to 80% by using this one simple principle

Nearly 3/4 of your immune system lies in your digestive system. This is where hormones are metabolized, detoxifying enzymes and nutrients are created. Roughly 90% of.

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mountains September 24

Attention! – A Brief history lesson with benefits

The custom of drinking ground tea for good health began in China as early as the year 220, in the Three Kingdoms period. The Hakka People are the genius minds behind.

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lei cha mindfulness June 6

The Chinese and Taiwanese secret to health and mindfulness is here

Pronounced “Lay Cha” in Mandarin Chinese, it translates directly to the English words “Ground Tea”. Similar to Matcha Green Tea, yet with far more health.

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