• How do I make my Lei Cha?

    For the perfect Lei Cha, add two heaped tablespoons into your favorite mug then add hot water and stir well. This can be topped off with a little milk of your choice, almond, soy, rice, skim or full cream are some popular choices. For more info head to our How to Lei Cha Page

  • What can I add to Lei Cha?

    Hot water is the traditional choice, but you can create a delicious latte by adding your choice of heated milk – soy, almond, skim or full cream. 

    Lei Cha can also be added to soups, meals and even your morning porridge. Get creative and use your imagination to enjoy the benefits any way you enjoy. If you have recipes you would like to share please post on our Facebook page

  • Where is Lei Cha produced?

    LEI CHA is a small Australian family business formed in 2017. We have teamed up with an award-winning artisanal Hakka tea maker in Taiwan who has been brewing up Lei Cha varieties since 2001.

    The small tea house in Taiwan produces Lei Cha for many countries including Japan, Singapore, China and Malaysia.

    We are excited to have the opportunity to share this health giving tea with Australia.

  • Do you sell wholesale to cafes?

    Yes we would like to make Lei Cha easily accessible to all Australia.

    If you would like the opportunity to promote health and wellness in your cafe please contact us at – wholesale@leicha.com.au

  • What is your privacy policy?

    We will never share your information with any third party. What is a third party you ask? Lei Cha is the first party, and you are the second party. The third party is anyone other than us and you.