• What is Lei Cha?

    LEI CHA was developed as a ‘health brew’ by the descendants of the Hakka people -who migrated south to Taiwan in the 1600s. They took roasted grains, seeds and tea leaves and slowly ground them with hot water to create a tea that quenched hunger and thirst. This was the beginning of the ‘tea as medicine’ tradition that is practised throughout Asia.

    Today Scientific matching and years of research has been used to produce the health-giving tea in order to maximize the benefits for the human body.

    12 different blends have been created by combining the best green tea from Taiwan, health-giving herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, whole grains, soy, beans and vegetables in different ways. Each with their own wellness properties and wholesome flavours.


  • How is Lei Cha different to other teas?

    Full-bodied LEI CHA is far removed from the watery western concept of tea leaves in water.

    LEI CHA is more similar to the Japanese ground tea matcha but with far more health giving nutritional content.

    Each flavour uses scientifically matched ingredients to support a range of health benefits from increasing saponin for better sleep to keeping skin looking young and healthy.

  • Is Lei Cha healthy?

    Each LEI CHA variety has a host of specific health benefits. Nutrients become more bio-available when ground, making LEI CHA easy to digest, nutritious and a low-KJ way to ease hunger pangs between meals. 

    Fans of LEI CHA swear by its array of health benefits, ranging from glowing skin to immunity support. It’s renowned as a nutrient-dense yet light complete meal. 

    The special LEI CHA blends of nuts, seeds, green tea leaves, herbs, spices and wholegrains make it rich in bio-available nutrients, including multiple antioxidants & polyphenols. A healthy snack alternative under 100 calories, LEI CHA is also high in fibre and protein. 

  • How will my Lei Cha be Shipped?

    Upon receiving the wonderful news of your wise decision to improve your quality of life we will mindfully place your order into the vessel it will be delivered in. All orders received before 1 pm will be shipped the same day via Australia parcel post. Please allow 1-5 business days for your order to arrive.

    A tracking number will be sent to your email. If you do not receive your order or have any questions please contact us at – info@leicha.com.au

  • Is Lei Cha quality tested?

    All ingredients are sourced from the highest quality producers in Australia, Canada, USA and Taiwan.

    Lei Cha tea ingredients are tested annually by SGS and consistently pass the test of 457 pesticide residues. In sync with the most stringent standards in Europe and Japan the detection of xanthine toxin and artificial sweetener was also not detected.

    Click HERE and HERE to view the latest testing certificates

  • Does Lei Cha contain any allergens?

    Yes, some Lei Cha varieties contain small amounts of gluten from cereals, soy, almonds and sesame seeds. Please check the ingredients list on the packaging before consuming if you are allergic to any of these food types