Lei Cha’s many health benefits

Sip your way to health & vitality

Fans of LEI CHA today (and in centuries gone by) swear by its array of health benefits, ranging from glowing skin to immunity support. The difference with our modern LEI CHA teas is that strict selection of ingredients and scientific matching is used to produce health-giving tea that maximises benefits.

  • Rich in bio-available nutrients
  • Full of antioxidants & polyphenols
  • Healthy snack alternative under 100 calories
  • Contains wholegrains for digestive health
  • High in protein
  • Naturally energising
  • Vitamin rich to boost immunity
  • Hydrating & nourishing

The goodness of ground

LEI CHA takes the traditional concept of ‘tea’ and infuses it with ancient superpowers.

In Taiwan, LEI CHA is a national superfood. Traditional ground tea is one of the first foods you’re introduced to in childhood because it’s believed to promote life-long wellbeing. For many centuries, the Hakka People have sworn by nutritious LEI CHA ground tea for health, vitality and youthful skin.

Ground with a traditional mortar and pestle, LEI CHA blends tea leaves, health-giving herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and wholegrains. All these nutrients become more bio-available when ground, making lei cha easy to digest, antioxidant-rich and a low-KJ way to ease hunger pangs between meals.

LEI CHA is more similar to ground Japanese Matcha than traditional black leaf tea. It rivals Matcha for antioxidant potency, adding another dimension of health benefits and flavour.

When to Lei Cha

Delicious, nutrient rich LEI CHA is what to reach for when hunger pangs hit between meals or for a light
post-workout meal that helps your body recover with a blend of protein, wholegrains, nuts and essential vitamins.

Popular flavours include Zing Skin Tea with vitamin
E-rich almond, Cleansing Burdock Tea for detoxification and Comfort Me Ginger, which is good for the gut.

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