The story of Lei Cha

A new take on an ancient tradition

Lei Cha is tea, but nothing like what you’ve seen in the supermarket. Richer. Earthier. With a broad spectrum of nutrients.

Steeped in tradition, our satisfying brews are far removed from the watery western concept of tea leaves in water. They’re based on ancient recipes from the Hakka people, who migrated to Taiwan from China towards the end of the Ming Dynasty.

For many centuries, Taiwanese devotees have sworn by these nutritious ground teas for health, vitality and youthful skin.

Now LEI CHA is bringing traditional Hakka ground tea goodness to Australia! We’ve teamed up with an award-winning artisanal tea maker in Taiwan to make authentic LEI CHA varieties available down under for the first time.

The origins of Lei Cha

The custom of drinking ground tea for good health began in China as early as the year 220, in the Three Kingdoms period.

Lei Cha as we know it today was created by the descendants of the Hakka people – many of whom migrated south to Taiwan in the 1600s. The ‘health brew’ became an essential part of daily life. Roasted grains, seeds and tea leaves were slowly ground up with hot water until the original mixture was transformed into a tea that quenched hunger and thirst.

This was the beginning of the ‘tea as medicine’ tradition that is practised throughout Asia. Today, Lei Cha ground tea remains well-known for its nutrient content, health benefits and general feel-good factor. The spirit of the ancestors and new ingenuity is making traditional tea culture popular again, bestowing health and wellness on all who drink it.

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