Time for a Tea Change

There is no denying, it’s a busy world we have created, we are bombarded with advertising for junk foods, alcohol and other things we wouldn’t dream of putting in our mouths. But for many people convenience and price outweighs the long term health benefits.

The problem lies in the goal of the system. The current goal of the food industry is generally making money as fast as possible. Whereas the goal of the food industry should be to benefit the health of the people consuming the foods over the long term.

Imagine what could be done with the money saved by the government in public health costs. If the general population consumed healthier foods, society as a whole could benefit immensely.

Lei Cha’s goal is to provide people with a genuine healthy choice. It’s a combination of ingredients that have proven health benefits. Used by the Hakka people from China for centuries for many traditional benefits. Lets take a closer look the Mindful Green Flavour.

The ingredients of the Hakka Mindful Green Tea are as follows, click on each ingredient for a link to more information –

  • Non-GM soya bean – The key benefits of soya are its high protein content, vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre.
  • maize – diabetes management and prevention of chronic heart conditions, lower blood pressure
  • barley – improved digestion and weight loss to lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart
  • rice – provide instant energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilize blood sugar levels
  • green tea 8% – helps weight loss, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, boosts brain function, lowers risk of developing cancer
  • black turtle beans – extraordinary antioxidant benefits resulting from their high concentration of anthocyanins
  • black sesame seeds – anti-aging properties, lowers risk of developing cancer, healthier bones, stabilize blood pressure
  • adzuki bean – aids in weight loss, optimize digestion, detoxify the body, lower blood pressure and increase energy
  • sorghum – improve digestive health, build strong bones, promote red blood cell development
  • millet – improve respiratory health, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve the muscle and nerve health.
  • green peas – anti-aging, strong immune system, prevention of wrinkles, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, bronchitis, osteoporosis
  • oats – slow digestion, increase satiety, and suppress appetite, reduce the damaging effects of chronic inflammation that is associated with various diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • white navy beans – loaded with antioxidants and provide a good supply of detoxifying molybdenum
  • buckwheat – may boost heart health, reduce blood pressure, aid weight loss, and help manage diabetes
  • chickpeas – improve digestion, prevent heart diseases, stabilize blood pressure levels
  • yam – may improve brain cognition, help improve heart health, great for keeping the hair and skin vibrant and strong
  • gingko biloba – strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacities and an ability to improve circulation
  • soy milk powder – can help improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of many postmenopausal problems
  • cane sugar – contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron

    Lei Cha ingredients
    Just natural ingredients high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

As in all of Lei Cha’s pestle cereal Teas, the ingredients are perfectly balanced to enhance the health benefits and produce the perfect flavour.

Just keep stirring to make sure you get every last bit before the end of the cup! Enjoy