How to improve your health up to 80% by using this one simple principle

Nearly 3/4 of your immune system lies in your digestive system. This is where hormones are metabolized, detoxifying enzymes and nutrients are created. Roughly 90% of serotonin, your happiness neurotransmitter, is housed and stored in the gut.  So armed with this information it is safe to assume the more we look after our inside the better we will feel and look on the outside.

We all know the results of lack of sleep and poor diet choices but sometimes as hard as you try, things just don’t seem to get better.

What if there was a simple rule that could explain whats going on… The Pareto principle goes like this 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Let’s put this into plain English…  Your 3 main meals each day are all super healthy natural foods, but in between your snack choices are less than healthy. If we apply the Pareto rule – 80% of your inner health can be greatly effected by 20% of your food intake…

So it’s obvious then that we need to be choosing healthy snacks and meals all through the day. The problem is, what is the alternative quick and easy snack that can fill you up with a balanced nutrient content and taste amazing… Lei Cha has the answer. In this instance for the best digestive support we recommend our Comfort Me Ginger Tea blend.

Ginger helps to reduce bloating, flatulence, intestinal colic, and IBS. It stimulates digestive acids and secretions which support the digestion of food and nutrient absorption and assimilation.

The warm vibes of our spicy ginger blend will help settle your stomach, enveloping you in a sense of well-being.

Infused with health-giving pumpkin seeds, ginkgo and white peony root, our special blend of ginger is soothing on the digestive tract and may even boost the metabolism.

So make the healthy choice between meals and grab a cup of Ginger Lei Cha, you wont regret it!


Attention! – A Brief history lesson with benefits

The custom of drinking ground tea for good health began in China as early as the year 220, in the Three Kingdoms period.

The Hakka People are the genius minds behind the original Lei Cha. Migrating south through China, the Hakkas were war-torn, constantly moving and their supplies were lacking.

The welcoming and entertaining of guests is extremely important to the Hakka’s. But they were poor. There was only a little grain at home. They feared that they would not be good hosts.

The little roasted grains and some tea leaves were placed in a mortar and pestle, slowly grinding and brewing with hot water, suddenly the brew was overflowing with scent, and the mixture transformed into a tea that quenched hunger and thirst. Lei Cha was born!

The Hakkas have the saying: “Each day, three bowls of tea are served to ensure that you live up to 98.”

Lei Cha isn’t just a drink, behind it is the tough pioneer spirit of the Hakka ancestors and their cleverness in developing the perfect recipe for it!

The Hakka elderly believe that “hard-work, light food, and regular drinking of tea” is the main reason for their health and longevity. The spirit of these ancestors and new ingenuity is helping us bring the traditional Lei Cha tea culture into today’s market.

Today Scientific matching and years of research has been used to produce the health-giving tea in order to maximize the benefits for the human body. We’ve teamed up with an award-winning artisanal tea maker in Taiwan to make authentic LEI CHA varieties available down under for the first time.

Some of the Varieties include Zing Skin Tea – an almond and green tea blend ( both good for your skin) which has additional benefits of buckwheat, green peas, oats and sorghum just to name a few.

Another unique flavour is the cleansing burdock blend.  Used in both western herbalism and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, burdock root is prized for its ability to purify the blood and liver, and for its cooling, anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the other health promoting ingredients include poria mushroom, barley, buckwheat and ginko biloba.

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The Chinese and Taiwanese secret to health and mindfulness is here

Pronounced “Lay Cha” in Mandarin Chinese, it translates directly to the English words “Ground Tea”. Similar to Matcha Green Tea, yet with far more health boosting ingredients.

Delicious, nutrient-rich Lei Cha takes the watery western concept of ‘tea’ and infuses it with ancient superpowers promoting all-round vitality and glowing skin.

12 different blends are made by combining the best green tea from Taiwan, health-giving herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, whole grains, soy, beans and vegetables in different ways. Each with their own wellness properties and wholesome flavours.

All you have to do is choose your flavour and add 2 heaped tablespoons to you favourite mug, relax and enjoy.

Some of the benefits of drinking a cup of Lei Cha include –


Steeped in a long tradition of use passed down through many generations, it was originally created in China by the Hakka people many centuries ago. Traditionally ingredients were roasted over fire, cooled and then ground with a mortar and pestle.

Nowadays we roast the grains to exact temperatures and grind to a consistency which increases the bio-availability of the ingredients. This process also creates unique flavors.

These previously kept secret blends are now available to buy in Australia on our website at

If you are interested in supporting your health and practising mindfulness while enjoying an amazing cup of tea then look no further as Lei Cha has a brew for you!