Nutritious ground teas

Delicious, nutrient-rich LEI CHA takes the watery western concept of ‘tea’
and infuses it with ancient superpowers believed to promote all-round vitality and glowing skin.

More about Lei cha

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Why Lei cha?

  • Rich in bio-available nutrients
  • High in protein and dietary fibre, yet low in carbohydrates
  • High in antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Delicious exotic flavours for every palate
  • Healthy snack alternative under 100 calories
  • Contains high-fibre wholegrains for digestive health

How to Lei cha

For optimum deliciousness and health benefits, pour hot water over two heaped tablespoons of Lei cha ground goodness topped with your favourite milk (soy or almond milk tastes a treat). Result = a full-bodied brew with a host of health benefits! Just the thing to reach for when hunger pangs hit between meals.

  • 2 x heaped tablespoons
  • 1 x cup hot water (or your preferred milk)
More serving suggestions


Tea with history

LEI CHA was developed as a ‘health brew’ by the descendants of the Hakka people -who migrated south to Taiwan in the 1600s. They took roasted grains, seeds and tea leaves and slowly ground them with hot water to create a tea that quenched hunger and thirst. This was the beginning of the ‘tea as medicine’ tradition that is practised throughout Asia.

More Lei cha history

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